M Performance BMW M5

BMW M Performance package for M3 and M5

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The BMW M Performance story goes on and reaches a point we didn’t think would make too much sense. Two videos and announcements later our mind was changed.

Bavaria’s finest will offer M Performance parts for what’s actually their top of the line product, the M Division’s creations.

M Performance BMW M5
M Performance BMW M5

At the moment we’re being told about the M3 and the M5 getting these bits. It’s probably only a matter of time before the M6 joins the party.

With the 1 Series M Coupe we’re not too sure. It might as well receive the package but given its low production numbers and how its already sold out, that seems unlikely.

Details on the M Performance BMW M cars are pretty slim, but what we know so far isn’t really that impressive. Maybe its because the “base” cars are so good to begin with.

As you can see, there are some subtle changes in the aesthetics of both the F10 BMW M5 and the E92 BMW M3’s look and there’s something special about the paint jobs.

Each of these colors are part of the BMW Frozen Paint collection, the sort of stuff that could sell limited editions all on its own.

Speaking of limited stuff, only 30 of either the M3 or M5 will ever be built and they’re all headed for the British market. 10 of each will be available in each of the colors.

Performance wise we’re looking at the BMW M3 and M5 as close as they can be to the standard V8s, gearboxes and interiors.


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