F30 3 Series convertible roof

F30 BMW 3 Series convertible action spied

Oh the rumors, the ideas and the actual possibilities of the two door versions of the F30 BMW 3 Series are seemingly endless. The most obsessive of them all seems to be the name change.

It might be called the 4 Series soon. This would take some getting used to but it generally seems like a logical step once you have a look at the Bavarian company’s lineup.

F30 3 Series convertible roof
F30 3 Series convertible roof

Without too much certain information on how it’s going to be called we might as well find out what it looks like. That’s tricky too, but some spyshots are out there.

The latest batch on the matter are focused on the folding roof action of the convertible F30. It would’ve been more useful to grab a video but the photos do seem to capture the essence of the whole thing.

It is another reminder of how the soft top is a dying breed, a fine example of glass and metal origami. It is lovely to watch and admire from an engineering point of view but there’s actually a problem.

F30 3 Series convertible roof
F30 3 Series convertible roof

The new folding roof the BMW 3 Series convertible is getting seems to be almost identical to the one the previous model got. Save for the camouflaged bits, nothing seems to have changed.

As BMW’s 3 Series convertible gets a reliable and well sorted roof system, there are no complaints. This should also mean that the amount of space it uses up isn’t in any way enlarged.

F30 3 Series convertible roof
F30 3 Series convertible roof

What that translates into is a better utilization of the newly gained interior space of the F30 3 Series.


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