BMW Connected Drive Coach

BMW UK has a sense of humor

As far as stereotypes go, the Germans aren’t really making the board for being funny people. Luckily for BMW, their UK branch is well on top of the situation.

BMW UK have proven once again what British humor is about and while the head office was serious and introducing the i8 Spyder Concept, they we’re announcing something different.

BMW Connected Drive Coach
BMW Connected Drive Coach

Under the BMW Driverless Running Coach banner they were announcing that a system on the F30 3 Series could control the car in a very interesting way.

The new equipment would see your brand new BMW 3 Series turn into a personal coach if you were to go out jogging.

Thanks to a clever new strap and all of the cameras and sensors on the 3 Series, the car would shadow you and notify you of your progress.

BMW Connected Drive Coach
BMW Connected Drive Coach

Apparently it could even tell you to get a move on if you were slouching off. BMW models have always had a bit of an aggressive image but an aggressive voice was the topping off point.

If aggression in the voice was something to fear, the F30’s Connected Drive system gets you running and makes sure you do so as it locks you out of the car.

Telling your wife you were going for a run and not completing it is no longer an option. Really, if you want to be as lean and fit as your car, you’re going to have to get to work.

BMW Connected Drive Coach
BMW Connected Drive Coach

It was all presented with a phone number or email address to pick up orders and I think one of the finest sorted out jokes on April 1st.

At least they managed to talk about the Olympics while cheering people up.


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