2011 BMW X1

BMW has big plans for X1 launch for the US market

It’s no longer news to talk about BMW’s plans for finally bringing the X1 over the Atlantic. Just how ambitious that plan is this time is quite the different story.

The New York Auto Show unveiling of the facelifted version is a given. That’s the version that’ll hit the U.S. market and they’ve even determined when.

2011 BMW X1
2011 BMW X1

Usually when a car debuts at a car show, it’s customary for it to hit the market some six months later. Not this time though.

The 2013 BMW X1 will be in US showrooms as early as this summer. It’s a rather ambiguous term but it does mean that the launch will happen considerably earlier than the six month norm.

Though it’s appreciated, let’s not forget that the BMW X1 has been delayed for the US market so many times before that plenty of people will have certainly lost interest.

2011 BMW X1
2011 BMW X1

At least we can now put this “unfair” situation behind us and us annoying Europeans won’t have anything to lord over the consumerist Americans.

Or do we have something called the M Performance diesels? I suppose we do. Actually, we have just about all diesels since the 2013 X1 will not get them stateside either.

Still to be confirmed but most bets like on the Yanks receiving the N20 turbocharged four cylinder engine.

2011 BMW X1
2011 BMW X1

It may not be the most glamorous powerplant around but it does develop 245 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and yet won’t chew through fuel. Well at least it won’t do so like other American vehicles.


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