BMW i8 Concept

BMW talks through the i8 development

The Bavarians at BMW have plenty of new models in the pipeline and there’s a lot of controversy that is spinning around the rumors and announcements that emerge about them.

King of the hill among the importance and controversy levels as well we find the BMW i8. Being built to be some sort of hybrid supercar is just the half of it.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

The most important part of the equation however is the styling. BMW have taken a few leaps of fate in recent years with design ideas and it seems they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Here’s the deal though, BMW fans and general car buying public have taken decently well to the iffy style as long as the driving pleasure and performance was still there.

Sadly though, BMW have some bad new about that segment of the i8’s future development. The M version of the hybrid supercar was dropped.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

That could be a bit of a problem, because the BMW i8M or whatever it’s to be called, would have been a high performance version of the car that had no electric part in its propulsion.

It seems like even though the BMW i8 isn’t going to offer an M version, it will retain its flagship status for the Bavarian company.

Estimated figures for the BMW i8 come in at over €100.000 or roughly over 130.000 USD at current exchange rates.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

That’s not a bad price for a BMW flagship but all i’m thinking that it would provide more than the 393 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque.


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