2013 BMW X1 facelift

2013 BMW X1 to get a facelift before NY Auto Show

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It would seem that the Bavarians plan to unveil the facelift they’ve been cooking up for the 2013 BMW X1 at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

They must be ready with it or something since they’ve chosen an American show otherwise it seems a little weird.

2013 BMW X1 facelift
2013 BMW X1 facelift

Why? Well mostly because the BMW X1 isn’t sold in the US. Could this be BMW’s way of saying its availability will expand to the “new world”?

That would be quite the surprise since last we heard, the Bavarians weren’t too keen on bringing the miniature crossover stateside.

There are reasons for this, some are more important others are less than so but last we heard, its introduction to the U.S. market was delayed indefinitely.

2013 BMW X1 facelift
2013 BMW X1 facelift

Prior to that announcement, late 2012 seemed like it would be the launch date. Should the 2013 BMW X1 facelift be introduced at the NY show early next month, a market launch’s timing would come in quite well.

Adding in around six months to that date would in fact see the that original delay announcement come true. The facelift might even calm down the Americans that felt somewhat disappointed by not getting it “on time”.

We don’t expect much more than cosmetic changes to come out of the new facelift and the US market will almost certainly drop the diesel engines.

2013 BMW X1 facelift
2013 BMW X1 facelift

In fact, most bets would say the 2013 BMW X1 will only be available with the N20 engine. That’s the 245 horsepower, 258 lb-ft of torque, four cylinder, turbocharged unit.

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