BMW i-FD Concept Study

BMW i-FD a different sort of sports sedan concept study

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Of all the things BMW and eco-mentalists say and think the Bavarian company’s i range will do, inspire people is the last thing I would have thought of.

That just goes to show how limited I am because it has. And not only has it inspired people to talk and want one of those cars, it’s also inspired some to make their own.

BMW i-FD Concept Study
BMW i-FD Concept Study

Nobody made a replica i8 on top of a Pontiac Fiero but a new concept study created by an independent designer called Feliciano Ruy-Diaz.

Ruy-Diaz is an industrial designer from Valencia, Spain and has no affiliation with our beloved car maker.

The i-FD is essentially what the i range version of the BMW 5 Series should be like. I have to say that though i like the design I’m not so sure.

BMW i-FD Concept Study
BMW i-FD Concept Study

Sure the i range is bound to get more aggressive and futuristic lines than the normal BMW lineup but even so, it seems a little overdone.

Inspiration for the BMW i-FD is claimed to come from Santiago Calatrava’s work, the white shark and certain Ancient Greece armor types.

This justifies the design somewhat. It’s interesting to see how they mesh into one another but perhaps it would have been better to tone down at least one of these influences.

BMW i-FD Concept Study
BMW i-FD Concept Study

Should Feliciano Ruy-Diaz get to work on designing the i range 5 Series? No. Should he get to work on other BMW designs? Definitely.

The man has talent and he seems to understand BMW’s design vision. Trouble is, it’s not completely visible with the BMW i-FD Concept Study.

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