Triumph TR7

BMW to bring back Triumph brand?

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The Bavarians are great at making their own cars and, as Rolls Royce and Mini teach us, they’re brilliant at making British ones as well.

Certainly, despite the Germans having a serious effect on the development of the two British brands they still manage to retain some of the appeal.

Triumph TR7
Triumph TR7

This might be the reason behind all the excitement we see in the reports coming in of how BMW might be working towards reviving the Triumph brand.

A smattering of British magazines, most notably Autocar, have gotten an idea of how BMW just filed in a new patent for the Triumph name.

Since it’s not your usual arrangement, the new paperwork gives people more hope. Not only is BMW holding on to the British sports car historic name but they’re also registering for the branded parafanelia that comes along.

Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag

There’s no desirability loss on the Triumph vehicle front but it’s pretty tricky to wonder what sort of vehicle BMW would build for the brand.

A lot of time has been spent on the subject and after seeing the Mini Roadster introduced the number of options available is definitely slimming down.

Basically, all that’s left would be for BMW to make a cheaper, stripped out version of their Z4 roadster and something of an open top BMW 1 Series M Coupe (maybe a targa top?).

Triumph TR6
Triumph TR6

The first has already been shot down before on account of some dealer and overall distribution problems. If the Bavarians have worked things out it could be brilliant.

An N20 powered version of these cars under the Triumph name could end up as being the ultimate rival for the likes of the Toyota GT86 or even the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C.


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