UK limited edition E92 BMW M3

Britain gets limited edition E92/E93 BMW M3

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The Bavarians seem pretty eager the spread the love the E92/E93 BMW M3 still has in it. It may be on its last legs but limited editions just keep on coming.

The latest such edition is aimed at one of the largest markets BMW has; the United Kingdom. You can have a coupe or a convertible, you can pick your color (sort of) and only 500 units will be made.

UK limited edition E92 BMW M3
UK limited edition E92 BMW M3

So far so good, everything about the UK-only limited edition E92 BMW M3 sounds brilliant. Actually, it’s far from it.

As much as I love BMW, their cars, their technology, their ambition, even I don’t think limited editions such as these are anywhere near worth it.

The British limited edition gets no upgrades whatsoever. It’s got the same 4.0 liter V8 engine, the same 7 speed dual clutch gearbox and the same handling as ever.

UK limited edition E92 BMW M3
UK limited edition E92 BMW M3

This isn’t a complaint against the standard E92 BMW M3, far from it actually. This is a complaint to the limited edition factor.

Apparently they key features that make this version of the car stand out is the look. You can have it one of the three colors of the British flag: Mineral White, Imola Red or Santorini Blue.

Since they aren’t exact colors you’d be surprised not to see the same limited edition over in the US, or in France, or Australia…

UK limited edition E92 BMW M3
UK limited edition E92 BMW M3

Other limited edition factors are the alloy wheels that were snatched from the M3 GTS and a numbered plate inside. Finally, there’s a little surprise.

Pricing for the limited edition E92/E93 BMW M3 is about £1.000 more than standard but the extra kit they fit inside is said to be worth an extra £4.000.


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8 years ago

Do you have any information about this color… more exactly the code number of the color, please?

Marcus M.
8 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Hello Alex! It is 327 Santorin Blue II Standard Blue, Code: 51 91 1 052 548

Hope it helps!

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