BMW M135i Concept

F20 BMW M135i rumor action heats up

The F20 BMW M135i “Concept” has barely been out for a few days yet it already attracted the attention of the rumor makers.

These guys have managed to put together what sounds like an ideal kind of press release for the future of the 1 Series based concept.

BMW M135i Concept
BMW M135i Concept

From the top: rumor has it that the F20 BMW M135i hatchback concept will eventually enter production.

The Bavarians don’t plan to announce anything on the matter until they actually unveil the new concept properly during the Geneva Motor Show.

Despite this, there’s a very good chance of it happening since the concept title they’ve stuck on the M135i seems to be just for display purposes.

BMW M135i Concept
BMW M135i Concept

Where things get a little odd is in the rumors that tell us the F20 BMW M135i will put its performance to the ground via the company’s xDrive four wheel drive system.

We’re not the kind to make fun of the opposition but if you think the Audi RS3 has some sure-footed grunt, wait till this thing hits the market.

Finally, the rumor makers have one new idea that’s even based on some official reports.

BMW M135i Concept
BMW M135i Concept

Apparently, even though the F20 BMW M135i will feature an all wheel drive system and will likely be heavier than usual, it’s said to perform in pretty much the same way the 1 Series M Coupe does.

Now that’s quite the resume the BMW M135i Concept is building up. We’re aware that they’re rumors, but they’re not exactly unlikely so who knows what surprises Geneva holds.


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