BMW Abu Dhabi showroom

BMW opens record breaking showroom in Abu Dhabi

The Bavarians have decided to show us just how happy they are about their sales by opening a brand new showroom.

That’s not the full story, the new showroom is located in the Arab Emirate and, just like most other constructions there, it is a record breaking affair.

BMW Abu Dhabi showroom
BMW Abu Dhabi showroom

Abu Dhabi Motors, a BMW partner for a very long time, is the owner of the new facility and they were only too happy to share a few details about it.

The new place stands in at a whopping 377.000 square feet or 8.6 acres of floor space. That should be plenty for multiple units of every single BMW Group product, especially the larger ones.

Which is great since the Arab shoppers are big fans of the 7 Series and the product portfolio of a certain brand called Rolls Royce.

BMW Abu Dhabi showroom
BMW Abu Dhabi showroom

Getting back to the showroom, the new record breaking facility cost 300 million dirhams, which is roughly the equivalent of $80 million.

Construction three years to complete, mostly due to difficult conditions on the weather front.

At this point, both on the cost front and on the space one, BMW claims the dealership is the largest one in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the service area is equally impressive and can apparently service as much as 120 vehicles simultaneously.

BMW Abu Dhabi showroom
BMW Abu Dhabi showroom

The new flagship BMW showroom has no less than 450 employees at its disposal.

As you’d imagine, the new showroom is expected to rake in even more sales and profits for BMW, especially now that it can handle more people coming in for a purchase.


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11 years ago

I think the showroom can do without the palms, either its real or otherwise. A tad pretentious if you as me…

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