BMW X1 M Sport

BMW X1 M35i xDrive rumored for an US arrival

With all the love the Bavarians have gotten for their BMW X1 compact crossover in Europe and Australia, they are now getting ready to send it over to the U.S.

At least, that’s what the rumor says. The same rumor also says that the first version to come in would be the BMW X1 M35i xDrive version.

BMW X1 M Sport
BMW X1 M Sport

Americans haven’t exactly been strangers to power but I love BMW’s take on this idea. Instead of making the X1 an M Division product they’ve shuffled it over to M Performance.

Getting back to the engine and performance, the branding and name would suggest it would get a similar version of the engine that’s going to power the recently spied M135i.

That means we’re looking at a 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine, with a turbocharger, which should develop somewhere around 320 horsepower.

BMW X1 M Sport
BMW X1 M Sport

Since it is an M Performance model, the engine won’t be the only aspect of the X1 that has changed so the suspension and aerodynamic package will also get refreshed.

Though it is a crossover and a compact one, somehow I don’t think the BMW X1 M35i xDrive will be slow or pay too much attention to leaning when in the corners.

An official release date isn’t available and BMW still tells us they’re not in a hurry to send the X1 stateside.

BMW X1 M Sport
BMW X1 M Sport

However the same rumor which brought us all this info also claims that the US launch of the BMW X1 will take place sometime in the fourth quarter.

In slightly more boring news, the Americans are going to get two diesel engines available on the X1.

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