2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car

2012 DTM season safety car is a BMW M3

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Touring car racing is one of the latest forms of motorsport where the metal on track looks a lot like the one on the streets.

Among them, the German series, the DTM is one of the most impressive and everything about it seems to be infested with power and efficiency.

2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car
2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car

If that’s what you look for in a car, few provide it as well as BMW products so it’s no surprise to see them involved in the sport.

For a short period of time let’s not focus on the actual racers and instead take a look at the DTM’s safety car. For the 2012 season it’ll be a special BMW M3 E92.

To my mind, any edition of the BMW M3 can be called special but this one in particular has a few tricks up its sleeve.

2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car
2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car

The changes made in order to turn the BMW M3 into a safety car are minimal; there’s a new ventilated hood, a carbon fiber spoiler and the series specific top warning light assembly.

Quite likely the BMW M3 DTM Safety Car will also receive a special set of racing tires which should keep it as stuck to the ground as possible.

Inside the new version of the M3 BMW added a few other track day specific treats, a couple of racing seats from Recaro and a full roll cage.

2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car
2012 BMW M3 DTM safety car

As you can see, there’s no change to the important stuff about a car and as you’d imagine, safety car duties will be covered without too much stress despite this.

After all, a stock E92 M3 will run circles on a track round plenty of track-day oriented vehicles.


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