2011 BMW X5

F15 BMW X5 starts showing a few details

The BMW X5 is not everybody’s cup of tea and it may not even rub eyes with fans of the Bavarian brand but it is undeniably important.

Having kickstarted the SAV segment and propelling BMW sales, the X5 can’t be neglected so the next generation should be quite the interesting one.

2011 BMW X5
2011 BMW X5

The internal designation of the upcoming BMW X5 model is F15. A few extra details are available on what the new SAV can do.

To begin with, the design of the F15 BMW X5 will be a little less conservative than the German car makers usually tend to be.

Instead of using a face of calm and dignity like the F10 BMW 5 Series a set of younger, more aggressive lines are expected to make their way to the front and particularly the headlights of the new X5.

2011 BMW X5
2011 BMW X5

Expect some similarities to the design of the newly introduced F30 3 Series to be felt. While where on the subject, there’s going to be plenty of LED stuff going on.

In terms of new stuff, a long wheelbase version is expected, likely dubbed the X5 L, which will take on the rival Audi Q7 from a level playing field.

Despite this idea, BMW promises that the next generation of the X5 will be a lot lighter. In fact, it could be so light it might be able to run with a 2 liter engine.

2011 BMW X5
2011 BMW X5

If an engine so small will be enough, the fuel economy levels should be legendary. Not to mention the sort of performance levels the bigger engined versions can manage.

A predicted release date for the F15 BMW X5 tells us the new SAV might be available as early as 2013.


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