F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door

F20 BMW 1 Series three door hatch registered

The F20 BMW 1 Series has been left at the back of the new Bavarian product news for a while now and for good reason. There hasn’t been that much to say about it that’s new.

Until now, as the Chinese have quite the surprise in store for us. Regardless of the copycat jokes, there’s been a leak from China containing the patent drawings for the new BMW 1 Series.

F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door
F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door

So far, the F20 BMW 1 Series has only been available in the five door hatchback body style, thus missing out on the variety.

The newly released patent drawings amend that issue as they reveal the F20 BMW 1 Series in three door hatchback guise. My favorite sort of change when talking about a hatchback.

You get a bit of an extra sportiness in the look, but you retain most of the practicality and interior space. With the F20 BMW 1 Series it’s hard to go into specifics about the changes implied.

F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door
F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door

However, the sketches are the first shot we get at seeing the cleaner design the new hatchback gets. Apart from losing the rear doors, the rear wheel arches seem to have swollen and feature a more aggressive body kit.

In terms of performance, most of the F20 BMW 1 Series will be the same as no engine changes are expected. There’s a good chance that an eventual M Sport package will fiddle with these settings more than they do on the five door hatchback.

F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door
F20 BMW 1 Series 3 door

Rumor has it however that the BMW 1 Series will get a GT version in this generation. That’s not exactly the best sounding rumor in the world but we’ll wait and see what’s happening with it.


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