EVO races BMW M5 and main rivals

BMW’s M5 has always been a favorite of the automotive journalists, a halo car everybody looked forward to, so there may be a few too many positive reviews out there.

But what happens when you take the Bavarian super sedan and line it up against its most important rivals? Can it still be worthy of acclaim?


That’s precisely what the guys at EVO set out to discover when they staged a race between the F10 BMW M5 and all of its main rivals.

The lineup of 2012 BMW M5 rivals features some very interesting machinery, even if they don’t wear our favorite badge. We’re talking about a Jaguar XFR, a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and a Porsche Panamera S.

These titans of the business class, had some fun in a full out drag race. The event went from a standing start to a “very European” 1 kilometer finish line and here’s a video of the entire affair:

Not perfect, some would say completely idiotic lineup, but there is reason in EVO’s picks. The conditions are as follow: all are V8 powered four door sedans which come from Europe’s finest car makers. The real zinger is in the threshold price limit of 100.000 dollars.

Going to a six figure price tag changes the equation a bit. Also, some of you will have spotted the absence of a hot Audi and there’s a very good reason for that. It has wasn’t really a match for the opposition. 20 horsepower more than the Panamera is nice but it weighs nearly 300 pounds more.

F10 BMW M5
F10 BMW M5

Speaking of the Panamera, it couldn’t really touch the F10 BMW M5 because the S model is pretty much the bottom of the range. Upgrading to a turbocharged version would jack the price well beyond the price limit.

In the end, the mighty F10 BMW M5 took the win, quite impressively, though I should point out that if price is an issue you need to be careful with options.


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