BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

BMW & Brilliance to create new EV brand in China

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BMW isn’t an enormous conglomerate of car brands like GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and the rest. They only own Rolls Royce, Mini, their two wheeled division and the recently founded i sub-brand.

It’s the sort of operation that works well with the company organisation and, more importantly, with the product focus the Bavarians are so good at.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

Still, the newest announcement from BMW and their Chinese partners, Brilliance, speaks of a bit of a departure with this idea.

The two will join forces to create a brand new… brand. The new car maker under the wing of BMW doesn’t have a name yet, but it does have a good product idea and a new marketing direction.

BMW has had quite the success on the Chinese market but what they’ve got to say about it is something you don’t hear everywhere else.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

Yes, the Chinese market is a very strong one, the one that’s going to grow the most and all that but it lacks something.

None of the Chinese produced cars are attractive to the enormous markets all over the rest of the world. This is where the new partnership between BMW and Brilliance comes in.

The new EVs these two partners are going to create are going to aim for the export market as much as they are going to do so for the Chinese one.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

To begin with, the lucky Chinese will get themselves a chance at a brand new BMW 5 Series plugin hybrid. The unveiling of this model took place at Auto Shanghai 2011, all the way back in April.


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