BMW X6 facelift spied

BMW X6 facelift spied almost naked

It’s becoming rather difficult to avoid talking about the BMW X6 and its recently spied facelift for the upcoming model, so we might as well get on with it.

Over the last few days it’s been spotted all over the place and more and more images are beginning to turn up online in front of plenty of curious eyes.

BMW X6 facelift spied
BMW X6 facelift spied

Despite the Bavarians placing the facelifted X6 on display almost naked, the changes aren’t easy to spot and that’s for a simple reason.

The changes on the design of the BMW X6 aren’t that visible because they’re all contained in the very little parts of the car that actually have some camouflage on it.

Those giggling in remembering a time when BMW brought a refreshed X3 to Geneva that featured nothing other than color coordinated bumpers will understand.

BMW X6 facelift spied
BMW X6 facelift spied

Expect the nip-tuck sort of redesign to be the delight of the BMW X6 facelift as there’s little to see here apart from some redesigned light arrangement, front air intakes and probably a few gizmos inside as well.

From the look of things in the spyshots the new BMW X6 will sport headlights that get busier as more and more LEDs are added, whereas the tail lamps are bound to get a slight redesign as well.

Technically, nothing is for certain on the new facelift the BMW X6 will be getting apart from the fact that the hybrid version will be dropped.

BMW X6 facelift spied
BMW X6 facelift spied

Where differences are bound to turn up, is in the color palette you’ll have for the exterior, the new styling options for the alloy wheels and perhaps some added interior materials.


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