BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition

UAE will get a special edition BMW 7 Series

After the BMW M3 Coupe Competition edition, the Bavarians are readying themselves for yet another limited edition that offers little besides that factor.

This one however is based on the F01 BMW 7 Series and it is aimed at a market that’s simply exquisite in terms of high end cars.

BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition
BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition

The new BMW 7 Series 40 Years UAE Edition is aimed at, guess which market, and was designed as the car for a special occasion, celebrating 40 years since the UAE were unified.

Beneath the limited edition stuff, there’s an F01 BMW 750 Li, that is technically identical to any other of its brethren, which means it’s powered by the same engine, has the same performance, fuel economy and so on.

BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition
BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition

All these duties are handled by 407 horsepower 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, which can accelerate to 62 in just 5.2 seconds and from here on to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

Making celebratory Arabs feel special will be the stunning Marakesh Brown exterior paint finish and the pleasurable attention to detail of the interior.

This is where the BMW 7 Series Anniversary edition really stands out as it is covered in Merino Platinum leather and features UAE emblems plastered in some key areas. The black accents also help the classy feel a lot.

BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition
BMW 7 Series UAE Anniversary edition

Headrests, other similarly popular areas for it and on the iDrive knob, which is rather unusual. The important part of the mix opens up the gateway towards the first ever Arabic version of the infamous BMW infotainment system.

Only 40 BMW 7 Series 40 years UAE Anniversary edition units will be made, all of which will be sold in that specific middle eastern market pending the unveil it will have at the Dubai Motor Show.


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