Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V

BMW M3 goes GTS-V with Vorsteiner

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The F30 BMW 3 Series is one incredible car and it paves the way for an even more than incredible M3 version which does kind of put the current one at a bit of a disadvantage.

Thanks to Vorsteiner, and their GTS-V, obviously there’s no pun intended on a Cadillac, the E92 BMW M3 will however have one serious shout out before it dies.

Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V
Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V

The American tuner was rather clever about coming up with the BMW M3 GTS-V as they’ve not messed with the exterior body kit at all, leaving the original shape easy to identify.

Touching up with a white paint coat that’s mixed with some pleasant black and lime green details does however let people know that this isn’t a run of the mill model.

The new 18 inch Volk Racing TE37 wheels and the Hankook RS-3 tires wrapped around Brembo GT-R brakes may also be a bit of a give away.

Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V
Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V

Despite the BMW M3’s fame for being a very pleasant car to drive, Vorsteiner spent most of their tuning time on working on the chassis and handling rather than on power.

The best part of the entire mix is the KW Adjustable Spring Sleeve Kit they’ve fitted to the E92 BMW M3’s suspension as it sharpens up stability even further.

Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V
Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V

A few mods have trickled into the interior of the BMW M3 GTS-V by Vorsteiner but what’s really important is the optional Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit which would likely complement the handling with some serious power.


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