BMW Christmas Gift

BMW presents new Christmas Gifts for 2011

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Even the Christmas is it still not around the corner, the Germans from BMW decided to release details and photos for the Christmas gifts within this year’s BMW Lifestyle Collection. The company sells various gifts ranging from scale models to clothing, writing sets or chronographs. To begin with, for €40 you can get a remote controlled 1:14 scale model of the BMW X6 while for €259 you can buy your son a new bike bearing BMW’s badge.

BMW Christmas Gift
BMW Christmas Gift

“No desire to push your way through the pre-Christmas shopping crowds with your family? No problem. A few clicks on should suffice. In no time at all, you will have found exciting Christmas presents for mother, father, daughter and son from the BMW Lifestyle Collection,” says BMW.

BMW Christmas Gift
BMW Christmas Gift

If you are looking forward to get a styling writing set, you might be interested in BMW’s newest proposal which includes a ball-point pen and a classic fountain pen. The writing set is made of high-quality rhodium while the cap of each pen features a BMW engraving.

BMW Christmas Gift
BMW Christmas Gift

The writing set is priced at €129 while for €300 you can get the stylish M chronograph made of stainless-steel. It features a stopwatch function, seconds dial and date indicator.


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Christmas Presents
Christmas Presents
12 years ago

Amazing presents!
I want one!

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