2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash

2012 BMW M6 crashes at Nurburgring

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We all know the horror stories that come from the Nurburgring about incidents and crashes don’t we? What we seriously think about each of those incidents is that it happens to idiots who can’t drive.

No this time though, the latest Nurburgring news about a crash featuring the 2012 BMW M6 in all of its camouflaged grace.

2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash
2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash

There are some special conditions to take into account but the bottom line is that the better looking, less practical version of the BMW M5 crashed during Nurburgring testing.

At the time of the unfortunate incident, the 2012 BMW M6 was involved in a serious endurance test around the Green Hell.

The test was supposed to last for 300 laps around the famed circuit only it wasn’t exactly successful as it ended a few laps short of the checkered flag.

2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash
2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash

I know the test was a fail and that the Bavarians in their German nature are going to be disappointed about it but having managed 282 laps on a track that’s 12.9 miles long isn’t something to cry about.

Still, it means that for some time the number of possible spyshots of the 2012 BMW M6 rolling about will probably be soon reduced as there’s less test mules to go around.

It’s very likely that the convertible version of the BMW M6 is about to go through much of the same treatment so the number of spyshots may not be on that much of a decline after all.

2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash
2012 BMW M6 Nurburgring crash

The pictures come courtesy of worldcarfans who’s editorial staff managed to catch the crashed 2012 BMW M6 just as it was being loaded onto a flatbed and covered up.

Pending these images the banged up 2012 BMW M6 the car will probably be taken in and analyzed with the upmost of the care and precision to find out what went wrong.


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