BMW M1 Hommage Concept

BMW M Division boss on M1 and diesel

We can hope and we can get enthusiastic about new concepts and possible unveiling news from the BMW M division but every now and again we have to be thought our place.

Having cleared some of the speculation on the F10 BMW M5, Albert Biermann head of product development for the Bavarian company’s M Division moved on to tell us a few extra things.

BMW M1 Hommage Concept
BMW M1 Hommage Concept

Sadly, much like we’ve been hearing about the M5, nothing he said this time is of any help or joy to those of us who are enthusiasts and not just fans.

To begin with, the big man said that there’s really no chance of us seeing a modern day version of the iconic BMW M1 supercar despite the concepts we’ve been getting.

No mid-engined BMW that’s built for fun exclusively, no BMW supercar that’s not corrupted by fuel economy ideas such as the i8 but most of all, no M Division only creation.

BMW M1 Hommage Concept
BMW M1 Hommage Concept

But hold on BMW and car enthusiasts, the bad news doesn’t end there as Biermann “warns” us about something equally terrible though if we’re honest, almost imminent.

An M badge may end up appearing on a diesel powered BMW and it may actually come around pretty soon.

Truth be told, I may be blowing this out of proportion at the moment, but the head of the BMW M division put the issue of a diesel wearing their badge as follows.

At the moment, good as they may have gotten, they don’t meet their standards, however, when those standards have been surpassed they will not have a drawback into using “the fuel of Satan” to power their creations.

BMW M1 Hommage Concept
BMW M1 Hommage Concept

Frankly, what makes it sadder than everything is that deep down inside, no matter how much us enthusiasts have been suppressing it, we knew something of the likes was coming.

This is because in the current automotive industry, at BMW, even within their M division new models boil down to something simple, a business case.

Something that a BMW M1 doesn’t have whereas an M spec diesel will almost certainly have when the time comes.


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