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BMW DesignworksUSA to revise the BART in San Francisco

BMW recently announced that DesignworksUSA, the Californian design center, will take care of revising the San Francisco train system, one of the oldest in the country. The Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) is also on the fifth place in terms of dimensions with 44 stations, therefore, BMW’s American design team has a pretty difficult task. However, we have no reason to worry as BMW already redesigned the metro system of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, that time in partnership with Siemens.

BMW DesignworksUSA
BMW DesignworksUSA

“DesignworksUSA is invigorated to join BART in their continuing commitment to delivering a premium ridership experience,” says Laurenz Schaffer, President, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “We are passionate about creating innovative solutions for mobility in increasingly dense urban centers such as the Bay Area, and we are excited as our collaborative partnership with BART gets underway,” Schaffer continues.

The new project is called Fleet of the Future and wants to completely refresh the appearance of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Francisco as the time began to make it presence felt. Of course, DesignworksUSA will take care of both the exterior and interior appearance adopting a modern approach at the exterior along a comfortable and reliable interior including the train operator’s cab.

According to the official statements, DesignworksUSA has been picked for this task mainly because they provided excellent results in creating premium design, previous collaborations with important companies such as Microsoft or Coca-Cola guaranteeing the success of this project.

“Together with BART, DesignworksUSA will create the “Fleet of the Future,” a new generation of train cars that will enter service by 2017 and deliver a premium ridership experience for its passengers. BART, which began picking up passengers in September 1972, presently operates the oldest fleet of train cars in the USA,” adds BMW.

BMW DesignworksUSA and Siemens
BMW DesignworksUSA and Siemens

For now, we got no official renderings or photos regarding this project but we can relate to the previous projects of BMW DesignworksUSA such as the one from Poland, in partnership with Siemens. You can see the final result above!


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Lakshmana Balaji
Lakshmana Balaji
9 years ago

Your cars,bikes,buses,and other sports vehicles are the worlds best vehicles………

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