Second half of the year to bring new sales growth in China

We’ve recently talked about BMW’s all-time sales record reported for the first six months of 2011. The last month was also the most profitable ever with 165,855 units sold, an increase of almost 16% comparing to the same period of the last year. The Asian market returned an increase of 47,3% in the first half of 2011 followed by the U.S. with 18,7% and Europe with 12,3%. Even these figures are nothing but great, BMW Group claims that the following six months should continue this increasing trend.


BMW’s Sales Chief Ian Robertson claimed that the second half of 2011 should bring a new increase in sales for the Chinese market, however not that significant as the increase of the first six months, which was somewhere around 60%.

In the second half of the year we will not have such a fast growth rate (in China) as in the first half because of the high year-earlier level of comparison, but will still have growth. As long as there’s a high level of unemployment and problems on the housing market have not been solved, these record levels will remain out of reach,” added Robertson.

Moreover, BMW hopes that China will surpass the German market and even the U.S. as it is now the third biggest market for BMW, closely behind the other two mentioned above. It is true that China is a relatively new market but we can’t ignore the tremendous increase of the last years. If this is not going to happen very soon, at least the Germans can hope to get better sales comparing to its rivals, the first place being occupied now by Audi, while the third place by the other German rival, Mercedes-Benz.


Receiving constant sales increase from China comes quite handy considering that the U.S. market is currently in downfall reporting vehicles sales of around 13 million each year, a decrease of around 4 million units. The new BMW 5 Series proved to be the best selling model but models specially designed for this market such as the long wheelbase version of the 5 Series or BMW’s New Energy Vehicle should really make the difference.


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