BMW Track Trainer

BMW Track Trainer teaches you how to get a perfect lap at Laguna Seca

As its name suggest, the BMW Track Trainer basically teaches you how to perfectly keep the perfect line, when to brake and how to tackle each turn of the circuit. The main purpose of this system is to improve your driving skills by showing you the correct order of doing the maneuvers told above. However, even the BMW Track Trainer will do a great job, there always will be some professional drivers able to obtain a better lap time than the system.

BMW Track Trainer
BMW Track Trainer

If you can’t get how the BMW 330i can drive itself then you don’t have to worry because the Germans provided all the interesting details on how the Track Trainer system works. To begin with, a standard 3 Series has been fitted with a pair of sensors, cameras and a built-in GPS system. A revised navigation system which knows the track alongside a system that provides the vehicle’s parameters makes the German model autonomous.

Until this system will be used on everyday vehicles, which means that the cars will be able to communicate between each other and drive themselves, the Bavarians decided to reveal some demonstration footage with BMW Track Trainer at the Laguna Seca circuit in California, USA.

Besides the possibility to drive itself, the German system provides information on the center console which let the driver know how close he was to a perfect turn or line. A sophisticated algorithm needs to take into consideration a bunch of details such as the vehicle’s speed, grip, braking force, suspension load and more in order to properly handle the situation.

BMW Track Trainer
BMW Track Trainer

Even this sounds pretty complicated, the BMW Track Trainer has already around 12,000 miles of testing which means that BMW did a great job and succeeded to develop a system that not just drives the model but it enhances the performance to almost perfection. Besides the Laguna Seca circuit, the BMW Track Trainer has been tested at other circuits in Germany such as Nordschleife and Hockenheim, one of the few tracks learned by the German model.

Thanks to the people at DrivesTV, which reviewed the BMW Track Trainer, we can actually see how the innovative system that fits the BMW 330i does its job at Laguna Seca.


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