BMW M3 F32 rendering

Rumors, renderings and assumptions on the new BMW M3 F32

It seems that BMW has big plans for the new 3 Series/M3 generation, a part of them being shared with us even the debut date is still quite far. The new BMW 3 Series is very likely to debut next year at Geneva while the M3 F30 will go on sale somewhere in 2014. Even so, BMW plans to operate some major changes in the engine range of the next-generation M3, up to four new engine configurations following to be introduced.

BMW M3 F32 rendering
BMW M3 F32 rendering

Firstly, the Bavarians are looking forward to offer a reworked version of the current S65 V8 unit, the one found now under the hood of the BMW M3 E92, offering it as a biturbo engine with optimized fuel consumption and improved performance. This unit could make a good fit under the bonnet of the Z4 M and X3 M, the latter being under development right now if we consider the latest rumors in this regard.

A modified version of the S63 V8 twin-turbo unit that currently fits the new M5 F10 is also very likely to enter the range while a reworked variant of the famous N54 engine could be considered. By far the most interesting proposal could be a new 3.0-liter V6 engine, actually, a redesigned S63 V8 that will significantly improve the fuel economy and would fit other models in range.

BMW M3 F32 rendering
BMW M3 F32 rendering

If these assumptions confirm, the new V6 engine would deliver improved performance compared to the unit it replaces, around 450 horsepower, resources that will kick the model to a top speed of 250 km/h and will make the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h possible in around 4,5 seconds. A twin-clutch automatic gearbox with gear shift paddles follows to assist the engine while a traditional six-speed manual transmission will be available too.

The former M Division CEO, Dr. Kay Segler, claims that a V6 unit derived from the S63 V8 raises a series of development problems but, however, it remains the most probable choice. In terms of design, the new BMW M3 F32 will bring major changes, especially in the back where BMW will most likely adopt the hatchback design that currently is not very well seen by the customers, mainly if we consider the poor sales of the BMW 5 Series GT in the United States.


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