BMW M5 F10 on ice

The new BMW M5 F10 drifting on icy roads in Sweden

Undoubtely, Sweden is the favourite place for all the big car manufacturers to test their models in extreme conditions. If few months ago BMW released a raw footage with the same M5 F10 prototype in the same frozen lands, today, the British journalists from EVO released a video where Chris Harris was having a good time behind the steering wheel of the new M model from BMW.

BMW M5 F10 on ice
BMW M5 F10 on ice

The video has been shot in Arjeplog, Sweden, and features a pre-production version of the new M5, most probably a similar version to the one revealed at Shanghai but however wearing a camouflage layer.

The frozen lake proved to be a good opportunity for the British journalist to test how the new M model behaves on ice. In the beginning he also claims that he got an one kilometer frozen lake and a 550-horsepower BMW M5 which means that it’s time for some drifting.

As a conclusion, Chris Harris says that Frankfurt Auto Show reveal is very awaited and the success of the new BMW M5 F10 it’s inevitable.


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11 years ago

M series is wonderful family, especially M3. But i like also other M-cars. M5 is also epic. I love AMG Mercedes-Benz and I like Volvo R-series and Audi’s RS-series, but for me “M family” is something more. Brilliant, almost perfect engines, superb technology, quality, style, great road-holding – this is what we like. I hope that new ecology rules won’t ruin such cars in near future!!!

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