BMW beats famous brands in China and ranks first

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The Chinese market is undoubtely growing more and more and proves to be one of the most important automotive markets in the world. The Chinese people from Clear Asia decided to conduct a survey in order to find which is the most coveted brand in China.

BMW 5 Series F10 LWB
BMW 5 Series F10 LWB

More exactly, we don’t refer just to automotive brands but to brands in a wide variety of domains. The Hong Kong-based agency asked 2,500 people about their preference and at the end of the poll, BMW proved to be the most important brand for the Chinese people.

BMW 5 Series F10 LWB
BMW 5 Series F10 LWB

The premium approach and attractive personality helped the Germans from BMW to rank first in the Chinese customers top. BMW clearly managed to overtake Mercedes-Benz who ranked 8th and Audi that obtained the 12th place. If this sounds very good for the brand fans, we have even more pleasant news as the Germans left behind giant companies such Apple or Rolex.

BMW 5 Series F10 LWB
BMW 5 Series F10 LWB

Looking back at the same survey but this time available worldwide, BMW occupies the last position of the podium, Google and Apple being the most coveted brands globally ahead the Germans.


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