VIDEO: BMW reveals serious driver training area in East Germany

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Somewhere in the East Germany, BMW developed a secret area build in the place where in the past was a soviet military airpoty and show us some training skills of specially trained drivers. This training base is presented as the perfect place for anyone who needs advanced driving skills even they have a risky job or just want to be prepared for really unexpected situations.

BMW High Security Vehicle
BMW High Security Vehicle

Well trained BMW driving instructors such as Klaus Heimerl tell us few secrets in this regard but also show us how to avoid or escape some really unexpected and difficult situations.

The BMW High Security Vehicles also provide a range of special systems which increase their usability in this kind of cases. For example you can be teach how to escape a fake accident when someone armed surprises you and then shoots towards the car but also how to avoid at risk a road block in heavy visibility conditions. Also, the Germans state that this base offers more training options than a normal circuit.


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