Detroit’s Police recovered the stolen BMW 7 Series

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It seems that the BMW 750i xDrive has been found by the American police after just a day since the German model was stolen by a group of thieves from Detroit Auto Show. The thieves found the best moment to stole the car while the BMW worker who was loading the model into a truck in order to transport it left the model with the keys inside.

The stolen BMW 7 Series found
The stolen BMW 7 Series found

The thieves were not amateurs as they disabled the BMW Assist system which is a system that uses the GPS system to locate the model. Actually, when the model was founded, the Police confirmed that the wiring of the GPS system had been cut.

The German model stolen yesterday was found in the West Side of Detroit near Glendale Street. Most probably a resident of the area where the model was found called the police to warn them that the he found the missing BMW 7 Series.


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13 years ago

The theives gave it back, when they realised it was not a cadillac.

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