Meet the newly registered BMW i sub-brand

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BMW decided to fill a registration for something which seems to be a new sub-brand, namely the new MegaCity range. In fact, we talk about new nine models developed by BMW but sold under another name, models which will be named from i1 to i9.

BMW trademarks for the new sub-brand
BMW trademarks for the new sub-brand

These models or at least a part of them will enter the market in 2012 and according to BMW’s Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk, this will be the same German quality but wrapped in another box. This decision rises another problem as we could expect totally new models to enter the new sub-brand range or we can expect modified versions of the already existing models but optimized of course to achieve environmentally friendly performance.

There is possible to see a concept model bearing the new sub-brand logo at the Detroit Auto Show in 2011, a fully electric model benefiting from a lightweight body and innovative technology. You can see above the new trademarks filled by BMW for the new sub-brand.


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