VIDEO: Juergen Greil talks about the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

Here is the last video from the BMW’s Unscripted series, a video where Jergen Greil, one of the BMW’s engineers that contributed at the building process of the Vision EfficientDynamics, talks about the concept which surprised us. The impressive Bavarian concept unveiled last year at the LA Auto Show will make few steps ahead as the model was confirmed to enter the series production. You can read more about this right here.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics
BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

In today’s episode of the series, the BMW’s model gets a more artistic introduction but also reveals its story, the story seen by one if its creators, Juergen Greil.

In this video you can see how the German engineers gave birth to the Vision EfficientDynamics model, from sketches and ideas to reality. I can tell you a lot more things about the BMW Vision EfficientyDynamics but I bet that you will fully understand the effort and emotions put in to create this revolutionary model by watching the video below:


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