BMW introduces 440HP V6 engine from 2012 for the future M3

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According to some sources within the German manufacturer, the incoming BMW M3 F30 will benefit from a twin-turbo V6 3.3-liter engine able to develop about 440 horsepower. Instead of the V8 engine found on the M3 E92, the 2012 BMW M3 F30 will get the V6 propeller that benefits from two turbines and will be able to develop slightly more horses.

M3 Logo
M3 Logo

According to the same sources, the V6 engine expected to debut on the M3 F30 will be even lighter than the traditionally V8, a fact that can make us just happy as the extra power and the lower total mass will increase the power-to-weight ratio.

For now, we do not benefit from extra details on this rumors advanced by the Germans at BMW but as we determined above, we can expect from a better power-to-weight ratio, thus, better performance from the future M3 generation scheduled to enter the market somewhere in 2012.


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13 years ago

I think I will put my order in now, before the waiting list
Becomes outragous.

13 years ago

I can totally understand why Nissan has decided to go for the v6 route just look at their VQ engines massive power not to mention the GTR. The design of the gtr was horrible even after all the years ive seen the car i never thought it was nice, and wouldn’t pay 80k for it. Now going back to the v6 TT bmw will offer on the new m3. Whats wrong with the idea of the Inline straight 6 twin turbo? it offers smoothness, balance and most importantly POWER. Why is it that a company that has been making inline 6 engines for almost 100 years. Hasn’t thought about making a even more powerful Inline six engine with larger bore and stroke with turbo. that would attract alot more attention could you imagine 2012 BMW m3 Inline 6 Twin Turbo. Sounds alot more aggressive than v6 twin turbo. Not to mention Nissan and Toyota have protected the inline 6 in both supra and skyline. Why not make a different more grunting sounded inline 6.

mike d
mike d
13 years ago

i can see this next m3 performing even better with more needed torque and less weight. this will catapult the m3 out of the turns like a rocket.

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