VIDEO: BMW releases new commercial: “Story of 3 Series”

It seems that the Bavarian manufacturer is somehow continuing the “BMW is Joy” commercial campaign that we talked so many times until now. In this case, the Germans at BMW suggest in several ways that owning and driving a 3 Series model is a joy.

BMW "Story of 3 Series"
BMW "Story of 3 Series"

This commercial video can be considerated as an anniversary one, commemorating the BMW’s 34-year history of the 3 Series models. The “Story of 3 Series” commercial was revealed on the BMW of North America, more exactly. Someone managed to rip the video from the BMW USA website and upload it to youtube.

Due to limited embed option you’ll attach the video uploaded on Youtube but for a better quality you can watch the new BMW “Story of 3 Series” on the Whatever is your choice, the Germans at BMW managed to create a new commercial showing us how the BMW 3 Series model evolved through the 34-year history.


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