BMW Named Supersector Leader for the Sixth Consecutive Time

BMW Group once again has shown that it can hold true to what it promises. Back in the year 2000, the brass at BMW said that the company was heading towards greater sustainability, this being one of its priorities. Now, fast forwarding a couple of years, BMW was called the Supersector leader for the automotive industry. And it seems to be a tradition ever since, because this is the sixth consecutive year for the company.


The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes has shown once again that BMW is the leader. An interesting fact is that the car manufacturer is the only Supersector from Germany in the whole world, at least for this year.

According to Dr. Norbert Reithnofer, BMW AG Chairman, the company is even more motivated by this event and it can only show that the path it has chosen is the right one and big plans are being created for the future.

This can only bring good news for both the BMW employees and other people interested in the company’s evolution, such as people who invest in stocks. Congratulations to BMW for this achievement.


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