VIDEOs: New coupe from BMW is “Getting Closer”

BMW revealed another video in their “dontblogaboutthis” campaign. We will discuss here about the latest video teaser that confirmed partially the rumors saying that this is a hybrid model, more exactly the i100 Coupe ActiveHybrid. The 6 Series coupe model that is in question received another video teaser announcing that is getting closer. This could mean that the Paris Auto Show will be a good event to present itself.

BMW 6 Series hybrid
BMW 6 Series hybrid

We’ll present you also the first two video tesears together with the photos revealed on this mysterious BMW model, in order to not loose any detail on this campaign. The 6 Series model based on the E63’s platform seems that took some features from VisionEfficient Dynamics concept and there is almost a certain fact that we face a hybrid version.

BMW 6 Series hybrid
BMW 6 Series hybrid

BMW 6 Series hybrid
BMW 6 Series hybrid

Here are the video teasers starting from the first one and finishing with the latest named as you saw in the title, “Getting Closer”. Do you find another explanation compared to mine when it comes to think why BMW picked this name for the teaser?

First teaser – Nothing is what it seems:

Second teaser – A second glimpse:

Third teaser – Getting Closer:


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