RENM BMW M3 Agitator Front

The RENM BMW M3 Agitator

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The BMW E92 M3 model got a serious visual upgrade from the RENM tuning company. Named the “Agitator”, it will surely stir up those that will have the opportunity to set their eyes on it. But the RENM M3 Agitator doesn’t bring just new looks into play, but also increased performance, for a complete package.

RENM BMW M3 Agitator Front
RENM BMW M3 Agitator Front

Regarding performance, even though the stock BMW M3 has plenty of power, with its 420 hp and 400 Nm of torque, RENM has given it a boost and now the M3 sports 443 hp and 440 Nm of torque. This was done via an ECU calibration and also by adding a performance exhaust (inconel F1 exhaust technology), new air filters, a carbon air-intake, adjustable suspension and a lighter rear silencer (12 kg lighter).

RENM BMW M3 Agitator Rear
RENM BMW M3 Agitator Rear

Visually, the RENM M3 Agitator features new wheels, a new design for the tail pipes, a front spoiler made of carbon fiber, a rear dffuser and a lid for the boot. Oh, and let’s not forget the coilover suspension.

So, those who want a new look and increased performance for their BMW M3, the Agitator package from RENM is a good candidate.


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