Leaked: Mansory BMW X5 M tuning kit

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Here we have sort of a strange situation because on the Internet appeared some photos of a tuning kit prepared by Germans at Mansory for the BMW X5 M but no details were released. Even this happened with or without the desire of the German tuner, we will discuss about this premature-revealed tuning kit.

BMW X5 M by Mansory
BMW X5 M by Mansory

Another strange fact is that the German tuners announced two tuning kits prepared for the Mercedes SLS AMG and Maserati GranTurismo and we thought that they are busy preparing the two tuning kits. Well, we thought wrong because Mansory prepared a pretty complex kit, at least regarding the aesthetics.

BMW X5 M by Mansory
BMW X5 M by Mansory

As we can see in the photos, the BMW’s X5 M received large air intakes integrated in the new front spoiler that has a curved shape, air intakes are also present on the new hood of the model while a new exhaust system and an air diffuser were mounted by Mansory tuners in the rear. More details will be available as soon as the German tuner will reveal them.

BMW X5 M by Mansory
BMW X5 M by Mansory
BMW X5 M by Mansory
BMW X5 M by Mansory


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steve furayi
steve furayi
10 years ago

X5 M….i like the engine and the body kit is on point

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