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Unichip Europe Brings the U-Connect for BMW Diesels

ECU upgrades are becoming a more and more convenient method of getting some more power out of your car, which can be done relatively quickly. Unichip Europe from the United Kingdom released a U-Connect plug and play type upgrade designed for the engines from BMW which are in four cylinders with direct injection.

Unichip Europe

Three models can be put to the Unichip U-Connect, these being the BMW 120d, 320d and 520d, with the note that the models have to be from the year 2003 onwards. By doing the ECU remap, the cars will get a boost of 19 hp and 40 lbs of torque.

These feats have been proven by dyno tests which have been taken with a BMW 5 Series from a previous generation. The numbers generated have been 188 hp and 252 lbs of torque. Unichip Europe states that similar results will be seen on all the other models.

Apart from the obvious power boost, there are even two bonuses involved: firstly, the fuel consumption isn’t affected, and secondly, there has been word that the consumption even decreased by 5-10%. So there are even more reasons to pay the 465,30 GBP for the U-Connect.


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