Render: BMW 3 Series GT in “pixels and colors”

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The 2011 edition of the motor show in Frankfurt is expected to host the debute of the Gran Turismo version of the current BMW 3 Series. The BMW’s rumored X4 might be revealed in the same time.

BMW 3 Series GT Rendering
BMW 3 Series GT Rendering

French people at Auto-Journal succeeded to make this rendering in order for us to understand better and earlier how the Gran Turismo version of the 3 Series will look in 2012, when it will be available for buying.

By this time, no extra information are known on the future BMW 3 Series GT, the only thing we pretty know is how the future Bavarian model will look like, and you can see it through the rendering made by people at Auto-Journal. There are some rumors that the new BMW 3 Series GT will borrow some features from other models in the range like the 7 Series range, but nothing certain is know for now, the Bavarian manufacturer didn’t made any announcement on this rendering.


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