NHTSA recalled BMW 5 Series GT on fuel dashboard sensor problems

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Here is a recall that hit recently the Bavarian manufacturer, BMW. The recall is requested by the people at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and regards some problems on displaying the fuel level on the 2011 5 Series GT dashboard.

2011 BMW 5 Series GT

Considering what we told you above, the German manufacturer is forced to solve this issue as fast as possible in order the customers to pass the problem easier.

Focusing more on the problem appeared, the issue is that the sensor may go wrong sometimes and show you that you have for example complete half fuel tank but in reality you are about to enter the no fuel zone. BMW announced that no solution was found so far regarding this problem but the German engineers should find the best way to solve this case in a very short time and also we were told that around 6000 2011 BMW 5 Series GT units were affected on this recall.


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13 years ago

This has also effect the latest F10.
Basically the fuel pump design is such and there need to replace the whole fuel tank.
BMW have tolook into this issue seriously as it is related to safety issue.

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