BMW’s Megacity model to begin at 2012 Olympics in Munich

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As we told you in a recent article, and you probably know also, BMW is the official automotive partner for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from Munich. The well known BMW Megacity project may debute at the 2012 Olympic Games in Munich. The electric model promises zero emissions and an electric engine capable to develop 170 horsepower with no fuel consumption.

BMW Megacity body

We can not blame BMW because is using a marketing tool, they also will warn people about the global warming and will show the benefits of an electric model. Also, BMW will have the opportunity to introduce their model in front of a large public.

BMW Megacity will be built usign carbon fiber, a material more common in the today automotive industry, used by tuners while creating the tuning kits but also by the big auto manufacturers. BMW Megacity will be buit at the BMW’s plant in Leipzig and is expected to debute in 2013.


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