2011 BMW 5 Series Lineup

F10 BMW 5 Series sold out in all markets

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The latest announcement from BMW is rather worrying as they claim the new F10 BMW 5 Series has sold out in all the markets it’s been made available.

2011 BMW 5 Series Lineup
2011 BMW 5 Series Lineup

The new BMW 5 Series entered the European market about a month ago and the U.S. market just over a week ago and yet all the lots went out already. Happily since this isn’t a limited edition, you can still get one, you will however have to wait for about three months or so to put one in your driveway.

Ian Robertson, BMW’s sales boss was present at an industry press conference in Bilbao, Spain today were he made this information available to the public along with statements according to which the Bavarians were expecting something like this to happen since the 5 Series is a BMW core product and the F10’s less controversial styling when compared to the previous generation would see more market appeal.

Besides the styling there’s another important appeal of this BMW 5 Series, it shares almost 70% of its technology with the company’s flagship model, the BMW 7 Series. As an additional success item, analysts believe that the new 5-er is ‘stealing’ market share from Audi’s A6 because it will be soon replaced by an all-new model and customers are put off by the idea of buying a new premium car that’s almost already outdated.


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