BMW's Pathfinder Navigation

BMW’s microNavigation system

BMW is developing a microNavigation system called Pathfinder which is going to come in “handy” when it comes to leaving your car in need of some directions that your handheld GPS can’t manage.

BMW's Pathfinder Navigation
BMW's Pathfinder Navigation

The Pathfinder system features databases of detailed information such as where to park your car or enter the building once you get to your destination.

Pathfinder not only supplements your BMW’s navigation system but also allows you to download more detailed information about your destination in the form of a MicroMap and store it to a memory card before you leave the house.

When that same card is inserted into the car, the data is added to the built-in nav’ information. The system can even work with a camera used for lane departure warning to tell the driver which lane they should be in to catch ramps and entries to highways or parking structures.

Once you will be faced with leaving the car you will most likely be using your smartphone to guide you however there is one slight problem with BMW’s Pathfinder navigation system, it is unclear who will be handling the storage of the detailed information that will be stored on the MicroMaps.

Even so, the technology is quite promising.


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