Alpina B6 GT1 Aurora Racing

Alpina B6 GT1 by Aurora Racing

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While BMW has a proper racing heritage the 6 Series is not one of the models that contributed much to it.

Alpina B6 GT1 Aurora Racing
Alpina B6 GT1 Aurora Racing

The car we have here may change things a bit as it represents the result of a project destined to prep the car for GT1 racing regulations.

The car starts out as a BMW 6 Series which then goes to specialist tuner Alpina to become the B6. Should that particular car be lucky enough, it might just end up being turned into an Alpina B6 GT3 which will see all of its life as a racer.

That is unless it ends up in the hands of the guys over at Aurora Racing Designs which will turn it into a GT1 spec racing car to comply with the new rules there. “The guys” are former McLaren engineer Nicholas Galbraith and former Alpina racing designer Andreas Puschel.

Going from GT3 to GT1 is a logical step for the car and Aurora Racing have taken over this project in an attempt not to affect Alpina’s customer GT3 racing program. The experience of the people behind Aurora Racing Designs will see the B6 GT1 going through some serious aerodynamic, structural and suspension changes in order to make it competitive.


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