BMW 5-Series / BMW M5 / Spy Photos

More spyshots, this time it’s the BMW 5 Series M-Sports package

BMW fans always love M cars but let’s face it, they’re not for everyone. If a budget worries you or the performance terrifies you or any other reason may come between you and owning an M5 in particular, then you should worry no more.

BMW 5 Series M-Sport package

BMW 5 Series M-Sport package

As BMW are working on getting you half way there with a M-Sports package for your nice simpler and more affordable BMW 5 series.

The 5 Series is pretty much available at dealers round the world so this special option is almost here but for now it’s going to be hidden under specific BMW camouflage.

As previous M-Sports packages have shown us and as these photos are hinting, this prototype suggests that the new model will receive a deeper front air-dam with larger intakes, side sill extensions and a re-contoured back bumper to accommodate the larger the tailpipes.

Besides what’s visible here, a M-Sports package for a BMW will offer you some trim upgrades like aluminum or carbon-fiber, some M badges everywhere along with more aggressive sport seats and perhaps a different steering wheel.

There are a few mechanical components of serious importance to come along with this package such as, wheels, tires and suspension or brake packages.

BMW 5 Series M-Sport package BMW 5 Series M-Sport package BMW 5 Series M-Sport package


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