BMW i10 Megacity

Imagine the BMW i10 Megacity

Since BMW themselves are keeping the actual aesthetics of the Megacity (or i10) under total secrecy we’ll have to see ourselves content with what those talented in the area can envision.

BMW i10 Megacity
BMW i10 Megacity

This artist impression featured here keeps true to the basic idea that this car will be somewhere between the 1 Series and the ActiveE Concept but adds a bit of a new twist.

Whereas everybody thinks of the Megacity as a small and discrete car, this rendering sees it as a miniature BMW X6. I can’t help but say it’s an interesting take on the Megacity but i fear it may see the same fate the Dodge Caliber did.

Getting back to the BMW Megacity it seems that it sparked a interest of the Bavarians for city cars as they plan on releasing a a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler concept soon.

The BMW i10 will feature all the latest technologies and will be very light and aerodynamic and while the drivetrain hasn’t been completely “exposed” yet most experts believe it will be closely related to that of the Concept ActiveE, which was launched at the Detroit Motor Show of this year.


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