BMW X6 Interceptor

BMW X6 Interceptor

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The BMW X6 hasn’t yet, and there aren’t any scenarios in the future where it may win a beauty contest. To be honest it doesn’t really matter as the car has a lot of selling points.

BMW X6 Interceptor
BMW X6 Interceptor

So the Bavarians may not have created a good looking car, but have now fear as the Russians are here to help, in their own way of course.

What you can see here is the BMW X6 wide-body kit that has been designed by Zaur Khalilov of Zaoor Design. This particular kit has been created for Met-R, a Moscow-based tuning shop, and is named the Interceptor.

The name is trying to relate more to the fighter plan scenario than to the American police car as aggression is a key note throughout the design.

It all starts with a bad boy classic, matte black finish and continues, predictably with some immense wheels, also black. The changes continue with some bigger wheel arches, some eyelids for the headlights and a very interesting layout for the driving lights which will definitely be of use when showcasing aggression of your big scary Sports Activity Coupe.

To be honest, there are some interesting parts in this new look the X6 may get in the future but there is one slight problem, it’s not completely ready yet as only renderings of the finished product are available.

BMW X6 Interceptor BMW X6 Interceptor BMW X6 Interceptor


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13 years ago

the x6 already had a mean and aggressive look to start with. With the interseptor kit it just looks downright mean and a whole lot nasty.
Great job.

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