BMW 135i E82

BMW 135i gets some more power

No owner of the E82/E88 BMW 135i bought that car because it was slow but, as always, somebody came up with the idea of giving it more power.

BMW 135i E82
BMW 135i E82

The culprits this time come from Great Britain and are maned Superchips Ltd.

What they did is pretty much self explanatory within the title, they remapped the 135i’s ECU in order to achieve more brute force figures.

So, whereas in the standard car your 3 liter straight six twin turbocharged engine develops 311 horsepower the new chip map will raise the output to a more rounded figure of 360 horsepower. Pretty much same story with the torque delivery of the car as you now get 456 Nm at just 3359 rpm compared to the “old” 394 Nm of the basic engine.

Your Superchips remapped ECU will now take your E82/E88 BMW 135i from 0 to 60 mph in around 5.3 seconds and top speed is still the 155 mph we are used to from the Germans but the car will be getting there faster due to the extra torque.

Pricing for the ECU remap of the 135i is, in the UK, £445.00 including VAT (17.5%) and the upgrade will be available through 100 dealerships around the country.


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